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Top 10 Recruitment Tips

Posted by Damon Ankers on 18-May-2017 18:30:00


Recruitment is just another aspect of a growing business, it’s inevitable. However, recruitment can often be lengthy, expensive and tiresome. Take a look at our top 10 recruitment tips to take the hassle out of hiring.  

1: Measure Cost- Make sure you weight up the costs and benefits of each new employee prior to the official hire to ensure you can bring out the best result for your company.

 2: Have Strong Employer Branding - Ensure your company has a strong employer brand. Many applicants will apply for a company based on the public image and online culture that that company cultivates. Check out this blog in which we expand upon the value of strong employer branding.

 3: Welcome Millennials - By 2030, Millennials are speculated to take up 75% of the workplace. Therefore, recruiters need to ensure that they have an environment that welcomes new candidates and provides them with opportunities to develop and start their careers.

 4: Take Your Time-Consider the appropriate length of time to hire within your company. If the process is too quick, you won’t get the best candidates and if it is too slow, you may lose productivity within the workplace.

 5: Use Social Platforms -Use Facebook to aid your recruitment practices. Facebook is a useful tool for attracting capable, but passive clients. Also, Facebook advertising has been shown to be 3x more effective than any other form of advertising. See how you can use Facebook to target only relevant candidates here 

6: Utilise Video - Give potential candidates an insight of what it’s like to work for your company, video testimonials from existing employees and even a message from the boss can show you have a great company culture and that it's a great place to work. This will encourage more candidates to want to work for you. If you haven’t yet got workplace videos you can explore the endless possibilities here.

 7: Mobile Friendly - It is vital that you create a mobile-friendly process for candidates to follow. 63% of candidates use their mobiles to search for a job and you may be able to attract many candidates to your online media with a page adaptable for mobile readers. Check out our article on mobile recruitment for more information. 

8: Nurture Candidates - In the event that you hire for the position, you can still retain contact with your prospective talent pool by linking them to a drip email campaign, certifying your company is and any ongoing developments. This will effectively nurture future prospective candidates.

 9: Employee Referral -Employee referral is a great way to recruit as it It’s free/cheap, you will be employing people who already get along with your current team members and you can potentially keep your current employee happy with referral benefits! Also, your employees will tend to refer people with work ethics similar to their own (hopefully you have a hardworking team already). You can engage your employees and get them to refer a friend with the employee app.

10: Measure Performance - Study the performance of your best employee to date and ascertain what factors have allowed them to become so successful in their role and see if you can replicate that with other candidates. 

If you you'd like more advice on how to recruit without the hassle please get in touch today.

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