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2019: Are we on the verge of a major recruitment evolution? Lessons learnt from 2018 + 4 tech tools for recruiter survival

Posted by Damon Ankers on 08-Apr-2019 08:45:00


2018 marked another year of great change, disruption and entertainment for us Brits. We survived the greatest chicken drought of the century, witnessed our prime minister 'dad dance' on national television and of course who could forget the headache of GDPR and the painful political meltdown of Brexit. But it wasn't all bad...The number of global democracies reached an all-time high as did the number of people in education, child labour is in decline and who could forget the glorious summer that we shared.

From Elon Musk's groundbreaking SpaceX mission to the drone that brought Gatwick Airport to a standstill, technology for better or worse was once again thrust into the limelight and dominated headlines. Tech continues to advance at an experiential rate with automation and AI becoming increasingly ingrained in our personal and professional lives, don't believe me? Just ask Alexa, Echo or Cortana! 

Tech giants Facebook and Instagram are now using deep learning and AI to draw value from status updates, fight cyber-crime and delete offensive comments and Netflix are using big data to predict which series or film you and I are most likely to enjoy. 

With AI and automation already seeping into many sectors could recruitment, the most people-centric industry known to man soon be dominated by robots dressed as humans?!...We think not.

Tech is a human enhancer and embracing technology with open arms can help HR teams and recruiters to automate time-consuming admin tasks and improve advertising performance whilst better managing and serving candidates on a day-to-day basis.  

In this article, we look back at what we've learnt from 2018 and what's in store for 2019 including the latest tech advancements giving our prediction on the tools that HR and recruitment leaders can harness to improve recruitment efficiency and performance.

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The Ultimate Recruitment Guide to GDPR Compliance

Posted by Damon Ankers on 12-Feb-2019 10:35:00

Announced in April 2016 and imposed in May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) dominated business conversations for what seemed like an eternity.  

For months those four syllables sent cold shivers down the spines of anyone who's role involved handling personal data. An absence of meaningful public information made GDPR complex to understand and widely open to interpretation. 

Exacerbated further by the sometimes contradictory information provided by pop-up 'GDPR experts' many of us were left providing ambiguous answers and scrambling to our desk to ask our trusted friend Google for the answers. 

Sound familiar? Don't worry you're not alone. GDPR became the second most googled query behind the 2018 phenomenon that was Bitcoin.

With the dust settling and several companies now paying the price for poor compliance we've put together our GDPR knowledge in this helpful blog to help HR professionals, IT teams and business leaders to fully understand how to stay in control of recruitment data and ensure compliance. 

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What Candidates Want...

Posted by Damon Ankers on 24-Aug-2018 09:59:00


Top talent is hard to come by, in reality we're all fishing in the same talent pool. Perfecting the recruitment process is critical to hiring the best employees. Here's three tips to keeping your candidates happy throughout the process.

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Top 10 Recruitment Tips

Posted by Damon Ankers on 18-May-2017 18:30:00

Recruitment is just another aspect of a growing business, it’s inevitable. However, recruitment can often be lengthy, expensive and tiresome. Take a look at our top 10 recruitment tips to take the hassle out of hiring.  

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