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5 Career Site Benefits

Posted by Damon Ankers on 17-Oct-2018 09:20:00
When you’re on the lookout for candidates, there are many ways you can bait the hook. But the one that could successfully net you your company’s next big superstar is the career site.  

Never underestimate the power a career site yields in the candidate attraction process. They can make or break a recruitment process. And below, we've listed the top 5 benefits of having a career site. 

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Providing an Engaging Candidate Experience

Posted by Damon Ankers on 16-Oct-2018 09:24:00

When it comes to candidate experience a large proportion of businesses reserve their 'experience' for those who've earned themselves an interview. But what about those who didn't make the cut? 

According to Workopolis only 2% of applicants get to interview stage. It's a candidate led market out there and to neglect unsuccessful candidates can have a detrimental affect on your brand. According to job board Monster, 33% of candidates who have a negative experience plan to share their experience on social media. 

On the contrary, those who have a great experience are likely to share their opinion with others via online review platforms such as Glassdoor. A report by CandE identified that those who have a great experience are likely to become brand advocates. 78% of those surveyed would refer a friend and 62% would also reapply for future company vacancies. 

Here are four ways to delight candidates and provide a great experience through every stage of the recruitment process. 

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Career Site - Build or Buy?

Posted by Damon Ankers on 15-Oct-2018 09:33:00

By having a high quality career site in place businesses are able to increase SEO, better compete for talent and ultimately reduce recruitment costs.

A recent study by Zety found that 77% of job seekers visit a company website to look for jobs, in turn career sites account for 27.35% of all hires. Sounds great right? Unfortunately, creating a top- notch career isn't an easy feat. 90% of career page visitors leave without applying (source workable)

Which brings me nicely on to the topic of building or buying. If you don't yet have a career site in place (or a high performing one) is it best to build or buy? 

In this article we've including the key components that make a winning career page and the considerations you may want to make before deciding whether to build or buy.

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Attract More Talent From Social Media with Jobs on Facebook

Posted by Damon Ankers on 14-Oct-2018 14:38:00


 For a long time Facebook has been used predominately by HR teams to improve employer branding. However, things are about to change. Facebook have recently launched a new subsection to their platform aptly named Jobs on Facebook. This allows recruiters to easily post vacancies and job seekers to apply for those vacancies without leaving the platform. 

With an estimated 39.2 million Facebook users in the UK this gives businesses the ability to access  an audience unparalleled to any other platforms. It also gives recruiters the ability to reach new audiences who don't actively utilise job boards. And the best part? It's completely freeHere's how to use Jobs on Facebook to help you attract more talent.  


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10 Awesome Career Sites

Posted by Damon Ankers on 12-Oct-2018 10:17:00

Creating a career site that manages to successfully entice legions of candidates is a hell of a balancing act. You must get so many things right, from the adverts to the opportunities to the visuals. All it takes is one small element to completely turn candidates off altogether. 

In no particular order we've listed 10 career sites that have nailed all those vital things a career site should have. 

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Job Satisfaction > Salary

Posted by Damon Ankers on 20-Sep-2018 10:50:00

Many employers still believe that salary is by far the biggest motivator for employees. However, for top performers salary is just part of the equation. 

Money is of course important, without an adequate income we can't meet our most basic needs (think Maslow's Hierarchy of needs). For employees to really perform they need much more, they need to be psychologically satisfied.

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Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Software

Posted by Damon Ankers on 19-Sep-2018 09:10:00

Job boards are by far the most popular destination for jobseekers. Their popularity can often leaves agencies and direct employers competing for the same candidates in the same talent pool. In this article we uncover how recruitment software can be your competitive advantage when it comes to hiring top talent. 

With popular job boards such as indeed regularly producing high volumes of applications, HR teams / Hiring Managers can often find themselves spending hours of time sifting through applications.

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7 Tips to Career Site Success

Posted by Damon Ankers on 12-Sep-2018 08:49:00

Career Sites are all about first impressions. If you can strike the right tone with your career site, you could be cherry-picking the best candidates out there... or you could end up with network traffic quieter than a crypt. If you want to avoid the latter option, then check out these tips below.

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5 Benefits of Online Recruitment

Posted by Damon Ankers on 11-Sep-2018 10:00:00

When it's time to recruit how do you reach your ideal candidate?

Most businesses use job board advertising and/or recruitment agencies to help them hire. In some cases, agencies can be very useful. If you're in a niche industry or require a board level employee a specialist agency can help you hire a 'unicorn employee' (albeit at a hefty price tag).

However, for the majority of vacancies online recruitment is the perfect way to hire talent faster at a much lower cost than traditional recruitment methods. In this article we highlight the top 5 benefits associated with online recruitment.

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The Big 4 - The Future of Recruitment Advertising?

Posted by Damon Ankers on 10-Sep-2018 08:05:00

When it comes to energy providers you've probably heard of the "big 6" but what about the recruitment industries "big 4"?...  

Recruitment advertising has evolved dramatically over the last couple of years. Job boards success and popularity has attracted the attention of some of the largest advertising platforms in the world and now they want in on the action.

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