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5 Key Questions for ATS Providers

Posted by Damon Ankers on 17-Jun-2019 12:22:00

As a HR professional you're probably used to the expectation of doing more with less. Fortunately recruitment technology is developing at an eye-watering pace enabling HR professionals to efficiently manage their recruitment process and free up hours of time for other core HR tasks. 

With the rapid rise of technology there are now a number of Applicant Tracking Systems on the market all promising to be the perfect solution for your challenges. To help you narrow down your search we've put together 5 essential questions to ask potential vendors.  

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Increase HR technology adoption rates with these 5 tips

Posted by Damon Ankers on 12-Jun-2019 08:37:00

Implementing new software into the business can be a daunting task for anyone, particularly if you're new to the technology and/or provider. In most cases technology is implemented to augment and enhance human performance however as a race, us humans are often sceptical to change!  

For a new implementation to be a success it's critical that the employees who will be using the software have bought into the technology and ideology behind the change. Although the benefits of change are high, so too are the stakes. With poor change management having the potential to detrimentally impact morale, performance and productivity it's critical that it's managed correctly. 

To help you to get off to a winning start we've put together our 5 top tips to implementation success! 

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5 ways an SME can benefit from an ATS in 2019

Posted by Damon Ankers on 07-Jun-2019 09:49:17

Just a few years ago recruitment technology was perceived by many as a luxury item for cash rich companies with huge hiring teams. Employed almost exclusively by the largest organisations with the deepest pockets SME friendly Applicant Tracking Systems were few and far between. 

Fast forward to the present day there are now several intuitive, affordable ATS solutions capable of helping small hiring teams to improve efficiency and performance without breaking the bank. 

With 60% of medium-sized companies now using an ATS are you too considering implementing an ATS into your businessHere are five ways in which you can benefit from having your own recruitment platform. 

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How to identify the best ATS for your business

Posted by Damon Ankers on 05-Jun-2019 16:46:04

If you're on the lookout for a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you won't find yourself short of options. Whilst having such choice puts you in full control, narrowing down the selection can often be a painstaking task. 

Let's be honest, you haven't got hours of time to spend on product demonstrations nor repeatedly explaining your challenges and requirements to each vendor. 

Creating a request for proposal (RFP) prior to approaching vendors can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on sourcing a solution. 

New to proposal requests? In this article we'll explain what one is and how you can use an RFP to extract the key information that YOU require from an ATS provider. 

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Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Software

Posted by Damon Ankers on 19-Sep-2018 09:10:00

Job boards are by far the most popular destination for jobseekers. Their popularity can often leaves agencies and direct employers competing for the same candidates in the same talent pool. In this article we uncover how recruitment software can be your competitive advantage when it comes to hiring top talent. 

With popular job boards such as indeed regularly producing high volumes of applications, HR teams / Hiring Managers can often find themselves spending hours of time sifting through applications.

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Is January really the best time to recruit?

Posted by Damon Ankers on 30-Jan-2018 11:14:19


 It's a preconceived notion that January is the best time to recruit. With a new job being top of so many resolution lists surely it's the best time to recruit?

On the flip side, how many people follow through with their resolutions? Take another popular resolution, for example 'getting fitter'. How many gyms are left baron after the first two weeks of January?

In this article we give you the facts based on our own hiring data and other credible sources. We'll also provide you with further insights into other holiday peaks and troughs and some vital year-round tips to recruitment advertising success. 

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Must have ATS features for 2018 

Posted by Damon Ankers on 24-Jan-2018 13:18:23

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS's) are a technological godsend. Applying an ATS to the recruitment process has allowed recruiters to employ a much more strategic approach to finding the right candidates, filtering down to the key talent right for your business.

Every technical platform relies on key features to act as the pillars upon which their success is built. And through its success with its existing client base, Talentvine has identified some of the most pivotal features an ATS requires in order to initiate a successful and fulfilling recruitment practice for all parties involved. 

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